Unforgettable: People – Mary

(From Matt)

I visited one of my favorite customers today! Mary, who just turned 99 in December, still lives in her own home. As she greeted me at the door I asked her how she was doing, to which she replied “Not very well, Matt.”

mary pic

I inquired to what is wrong and she grinned sheepishly and said with a chuckle “I am still here, but I did not plan on living this long.”

I was here because of a service call to help her move her help button but coming to help her is always a little something extra special to me. I am not sure why this is. Is it because she reminds me of my mother? Or that she is always so sharply dressed? Or is it her wit, charm and 99 years of experience? I speculate it is a combination of these and I always look forward to the time I get to sit and talk with her.

We sat and talked and she started to tell me that she doesn’t socialize much since she has nothing to offer toward conversations since she doesn’t keep up with sports, current events or popular culture. It was surprising to me since I look forward to our times together, seeing her perspective that only ninety-nine years of experience can bring. She smiled, remembering all the stories she’s told over the years.

The topic we finally settled on was politics. She still amazes me with her so-called lack of knowledge of current events and how much she knows about the current political culture and our leadership. She taught me how much current politics have been shaped by the many things that she has lived through and seen in her lifetime. Her opinions are well formulated and shaped by fact and intelligence, not the rhetoric and sound bites spouted by politicians. The clock said an hour had passed, but it felt like just minutes. The time was way to brief. We had to put our conversation on pause since she had a doctor’s appointment.

Why am I telling you about my time with Mary? It’s because of days like this, with people like Mary, that make running Home Buddy the most rewarding work of my life.

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