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Every now and then you run across one of those people or experiences that bring a smile to your face. I have had many of those experiences meeting with our Home Buddy customers. I always enjoy sharing this particular story because it never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I had a call to go and reset one of our Medication Dispenser for a guy that lived in a senior residence facility. When I arrived a gentleman in his 90’s answered the door very enthusiastically as he shook my hand and said, “Matt! I am so glad to meet you and that you are here.” He then proceeded to introduce me to his wife whom was about the same age. She shook my hand with the same enthusiasm and a big smile. They both had a spring to their step that reminded me of a young couple in love.

I was thinking to myself what a happy couple. I sure hope my wife and I are that happy and have that kind of enthusiasm when, and if, we reach that age. I had never had a customer seem so happy to see me before.

When I went to reset the medication dispenser I discovered quite possibly the reason they were both so happy to see me get the medication dispenser fixed. On the dispenser was a note taped to it for the nurse that loaded the medication. The note said in big letters “Viagra every other night ONLY!

I had to chuckle to myself. Now I understood why they were so happy to see me and perhaps explained the spring in their step.

When I returned to the office I shared with my wife that I think I had discovered the secret to a long happy marriage. Viagra every other night!

Every time I think of meeting these customers I can not help but smile. I hope they made you smile as well.

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