Unforgettable: People – Allen

Today I want to share a story of Allen who is unforgettable to me and changed many aspects of the way I view life. He could well be the person who has enabled me to get so much enjoyment out of taking care of our Home Buddy customers.

I met Allen years ago when we were starting a new company and needed technical software advice. An area of which I had no knowledge, yet our new business venture was based on it. Allen is one of those super intelligent people you run across now and then. He could easily have been a real life character on the show The Big Bang Theory. This super intelligence comes with its own set of problems. Allen can be socially awkward because of his intelligence. I once told Allen if I had a brain like yours Allen I would be very wealthy. He looked at me with a grin and said no you would be like me then.

Allen would come over to our house after his regular job to write programing for us. He amazed me how he would be writing code while telling me what he was doing and then suddenly would stop mid sentence, mid key stroke and appear to be asleep. Then after a couple minutes or so he would pick up exactly where he left off, not ever missing a keystroke or a syllable in his sentence as if he had never taken a break. Then with sentence and keystrokes complete, he would tell me “boy I needed that break”.

As much help as Allen was in getting the business started his insights on life were what made such an impact on me. Although there have been many people that made me examine who I was and rethink my views on life and/or people, there was Allen, that I think perhaps had the biggest impact. Perhaps maybe even what brings me to writing this article on the unforgettables.

I was sharing a story with Allen about how my wife, daughter and myself were heading to lunch when we saw a hitchhiker trying to get a ride. Knowing how hard it is to try to get a ride in the heavy traffic in town I decided to give him a hand and pick him up and take him outside of town to the truck stop. We picked him up and began talking with him as I told him what my intentions were. He also was one of my unforgettable people in life that I will tell you about another time. Needless to say, his story was very interesting so we ended up taking him to lunch with us.

It was a nice day and we took a real liking to his person who was headed across Kansas to get to Wyoming. I asked him if he minded flying in a small plane and he told me he did not mind as far as he knew. So I offered to fly him in our airplane to a town in Western Kansas that would put him a few hundred mile closer on his journey in just a short time. I ended up doing just that, flying a hitchhiker across the Kansas sky.

While I was relating this story to Allen and beaming with pride on what I had done for this person. Allen looked at me and said, that Hitchhiker did more for you and your life than you did for him. It took me a second for this to sink in, but then realize he was right. The Hitchhiker had added such a life experience to not only my life, but my wife’s and daughter’s life also. He was another one of those unforgettable people that shapes our lives and makes us who we are.

It was that one small comment from Allen that forever changes how I view life and others. For that I have to say, thank you Allen, you are truly unforgettable.

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