Unforgettable: People – Adella

I consider myself a very lucky person to be able to meet so many wonderful folks in all stages of life. I am always amazed at the many happy people who have such a great sense of humor though they are going through so many hardships of life. I was humbled and have learned a great deal from them. They have shown me that no matter what difficulties life throws at you, it is important to respond with a smile, and keep your sense of humor.

My unforgettable person this week is Adella. The story I am about to relate to you happened several years ago but one that I will always remember.

Adele lived on her own and at the time she was 96 years old. She wanted one of our portable help buttons which would allow her to request help anywhere she went. I brought her a unit and then inquired to make sure this was the best product for her. She said, “Yes. I still walk to the store for my groceries, as well as other places and I want to be able to get help no matter where I am.” I was more than happy to oblige her with what she needed to continue to be safe and independent.

One day I stopped by to check her help button and visit. I asked her if the button was working for her or if she had to use it for help yet.

Here is a little background before I continue on with this story, Adella is very hard of hearing. She wears hearing aids and while they help, she still has difficulty hearing what is going on around her.

With a big smile, Adella told me that indeed the button worked, but she had not yet needed it for help. Seeing that I was perplexed by her response and wondering how she knew it worked if she had not called for help she continued to tell me her tale.

She told me how when getting ready for bed one night she had removed her hearing aids, put her help button on the bedside charger and climbed into bed. The next thing she knows, there was a good looking young man standing by her bedside, holding her hand and asking if she was okay. To which she told me  with the enthusiasm and shyness of a schoolgirl “I looked up at this GOOD looking young man, beside my bed, holding my hand and asking if I was okay. I grinned at him as I said, I am now!”

Apparently, after taking her hearing aids out, she had accidentally pushed her help button while connecting it to the charger. She did not hear the Care Center trying to talk to her through her unit, nor did she hear the phone ring when they tried to call her. Therefore, the Care Center notified the fire department to check on her. She was still fast asleep when they pounded on her door and entered her apartment. Hence, how she woke up, hand in hand with the VERY good looking young man in her bedroom. She made sure I understood that he was a very handsome man.

To this day, Adella is still one of our customers and at 99 years old and is still very active. To see the smile on her face as she told me this story will forever be a lasting memory. This makes her one of my favorite unforgettable customers.


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