What A Medical Responder Means To A Family

Yesterday was one of those days that remind me why I love the medical response business. I received a call from a customer who wanted to speak with me. He wanted to express his appreciation for the care we had given to his mother. Her having that button, (or lifeline, or life alert as it is known as), gave his Mom comfort and security ultimately providing her life a sense of pleasure. He spoke about how she had used it several times and every time she talked with the people at the Home Buddy Care Center, how they took great care of her and made sure she was assisted until help arrived.

He continued by telling me that it was this peace of mind thatbigstock-Senior-woman-gets-a-kiss-from-50044583 not only made her life better but the lives of all her family as well. The reassurance that Mom was well taken care of also brought them a sense of security as well. He wanted to make sure that we knew how much the whole family appreciated how well we treated his Mother.

It is calls like this that mean so much to everyone here at Home Buddy. But this particular call really struck me personally for two reasons. One it meant that our motto of “We treat our customers like family” was being lived up to. It brought memories of my own Mom, as well as Mother and Father in law, who used Home Buddy. I knew from personal experience what a great piece of mind and sense of security they enjoyed as well as the rest of the family knowing that they were being well taken care of.

The second reason was now I also know personally what a sense of security wearing a portable emergency response button has brought to me. I began wearing one myself because I wanted to test the portable help button out. I soon discovered I felt much better with it on. It is that little extra piece of security to know I have a buddy with me no matter what. Even if I was to lose my cell phone I can still get help. I often get asked by people when I show them my button what is wrong with me that I need a help button. I smile as I tell them absolutely nothing and my help button is here to help ensure that I stay the way.

So to the caller I want to say Thank You! It is nice to know we are making a difference in people’s lives. Not only those who wear the button but in the friends and family of our customers as well.

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