How Does it Work?

Push Button
1. Simply push the button.
Call Center
2. Tell the Operator at the Care Center what you need.
Help Arrives
3. The Operator will make sure help arrives.








When can I use my help button?

You can use your help button any time, no matter what the need!

  • Fallen and just need help up
  • Stranger at the door
  • Going up or down a flight of stairs
  • Having a bad reaction to a new medication
  • Fire Alarm is sounding
  • Returning to a dark house
  • Chest Pains/need medical attention
  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Getting mail or newspaper on ice driveway
  • Flooding from a sink or tub
  • Hearing strange noises outside
  • Startled in the middle of the night

Home Buddy encourages clients to press their buttons for any reason, not just medical emergencies.

Is there a stranger at the door? Push the button and we will listen while you answer the door.

Walking into a dark house or startled in the middle of the night? Press the button and talk to our friendly Care Center staff.

With Home Buddy there are never any hidden fees or contracts.

• No cost for service calls

• No cost for button pushes

• No cost for lost pendants

• No cost for equipment upgrades

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