How does the medical alert system work?
When you push your button, one of our friendly Care Center Representatives will answer
and get you the help that you need. We can call friends, family members, neighbors or
emergency personnel.

With Home Buddy, you can push your button for any reason­, not just for emergencies. We
want to be there like a friend, without all the extra dishes and laundry. We have scared
away burglars, been there to talk and called family members to relay a message.

Do I have to have a home phone line to use a Home Buddy medical alert system?
No. Home Buddy can provide Cellular based service for in home or portable use.

What is the range of use for the medical alert device?
The range of our in-­home Home buddy medical alert service varies from home to home,
but typically goes about the length of a football field (about 300 feet).
Our portable unit works anywhere in the U.S. where our device can reach its cellular tower.

Does Home Buddy have a portable medical alert system?
Yes, Home Buddy offers a portable device that operates using our cellular service

How much does the medical alert system cost?
The Home Buddy medical alert systems and medication dispenser are very affordable. The
exact price varies based on features and payment methods.
Please call a Home Buddy representative to discuss your options (866) 922-­8339.

Who monitors the medical alert calls?
Fully trained Care Center professionals are on duty all day, every day to monitor your
calls. In addition to an extensive 90-­day training program (which includes classroom and
hands ­on training), our professional representatives are required to pass a test and
participate in continuing education.

Can the medical alert button be worn at all times?
Home Buddy encourages our customers to wear their medical alert buttons at all times.
Our lightweight, in-­home buttons can be worn around the neck or wrist. Our portable unit
can be worn around the neck or on a belt clip. Most of our buttons are waterproof or water
resistant and can be worn in the shower.

Who will you send to help me?
The choice is up to you. When you push your Home Buddy medical alert button, we will
send whomever you request. When you become a Home Buddy customer, we ask you to
designate who you want your responders to be.

We can tailor this to your individual needs and situation, including the addition of people
who are “must notifies,” meaning people who cannot come to help you but need to be
notified if an emergency occurs.

What happens if I push the button, but the operator can’t hear me?
If we cannot hear you or you cannot speak, we will go down the list of responders until we
reach someone who can tend to the situation. If no responders are available, we will call
police or EMS to check on you.

If I have the portable unit, how will the Care Center representative be able to find
me? Will they send someone to my house when I’m not there?
It depends on the type of portable system you have chosen. Some have GPS location
features where we can locate you without a button push. Our most popular portable unit,
the Eresponder, will use 911 services to locate you if you activate the button and we cannot
determine your location.

Can I push my medical alert button even if the paramedics are not needed?
Home Buddy encourages our customers to press their button anytime they need help or
their safety may be threatened. If a stranger is at your door, press your Home Buddy
medical alert button and our monitors will stay on the line while you answer the door. If
you need to go outside to check your mail during inclement weather, press your help button
and our monitors will stay on the line until you make it back inside. Home Buddy is more
than just a life line; with Home Buddy you are never home alone.

Will the medical alert service affect my special telephone features?
Your Home Buddy Medical Alert does not affect any extra features you may have on your
phone. The portable unit and the cellular in­home unit work independently of any phone
service you have.

How soon can I get service started once I decide to order a Home Buddy medical alert
We are usually able to process your order the same day.

Do I have to subscribe for a minimum period of time when I choose Home Buddy as
my personal emergency response provider?
There are no long term contracts with our services. It is simply month to month.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?
For your convenience, Home Buddy offers a variety of payment options.

How do I know that everything is working?
We recommend that you test your button once a month. Pick the best day for you. When
the operator comes over the unit, just let them know you’re testing.

Home Buddy monitors the help buttons on a regular basis. If the button needs a new
battery, or sends us a problem alert we will contact you to make arrangements to get it
replaced or repaired.

Do you have a live person answering phones 24/7?
Yes. With Home Buddy someone is always available to answer your call if you need help. Our normal
office hours are 9am to ­5pm CST Monday through Friday, if you need to call about questions.

If my power goes out will the medical alert unit still work?
All of our medical alert buttons have a back­up battery to keep your help button working
during power outages. Once your power is restored, the battery will automatically start
charging again and be ready for the next power disruption. There is no need for an annual
replacement of the battery.

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